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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99!



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Aftermarket parts is a term used to describe auto replacement parts that weren’t made by the original equipment manufacturer. They represent one of the most popular options for auto parts buyers, along with OEM and genuine parts.

Genuine auto parts are components made to follow every detail of the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

They go through rigorous testing and have to meet different quality control standards. What’s especially important to know about genuine parts is that they are labeled with the original manufacturer’s logo.

Car manufacturers often order genuine parts, but they also set up contracts with different companies for OEM parts.

The main difference between genuine and OEM parts is that the latter doesn’t contain the original car manufacturer’s logo. They also don’t have as good of a warranty as genuine parts.

Despite not having the car manufacturer’s logo, OEM parts still have to meet exact specifications and go through the same quality control as genuine components. People looking for affordable alternatives to OEM and genuine parts often opt for aftermarket parts.

The number of automotive aftermarket parts you can buy for your vehicle far exceeds the available OEM and genuine components.

The quality of OEM and genuine parts is often only slightly better than aftermarket products. However, there are many aftermarket components that are much better than genuine parts. 

Some aftermarket companies find a way to take unique approaches to product design and development. This sometimes helps them find better solutions than original equipment manufacturers while offering the products at a lower price range.


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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99!