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Based in Luxembourg, Stabilus is a manufacturer of hydraulic dampers, gas springs, electric motor drives, and other auto parts.

The story of Stabilus dates back to the early 20th century after it was established as part of the Hanko company in the 1920s as a stabilizer department.

The department became an independent company in 1934 when it was named Stabilus. The company got off to a great start but like many other corporations in Germany at the time had to pause production and focus on manufacturing military equipment.

In the following decades, Stabilus made quite a comeback in the automotive industry.

Today, the company has more than 20 locations across the globe. Stabilus currently has production facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Although it is based in Luxembourg, the headquarters of administration, development, and production is located in Koblenz, Germany. Stabilus is notable for its innovation in the automotive industry.

After the launch of Dorstop, a variable hydraulic door-stay, Stabilus was able to set a benchmark for vehicle door adjustment technology.

This product quickly gained popularity in the automotive industry for providing an additional layer of safety and comfort to drivers and passengers.

Stabilus always strives to provide its customers with the highest product quality. Some of the most popular components sold by the company include non-locking gas springs, swivel chair gas springs, and locking gas springs.

With a rich history and extensive product catalog, you can count on Stabilus for a variety of solutions.


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