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VDO is a brand that was formed in 1929 after the merger between two different German companies in the automotive industry.

Although it used to be an independent company for several decades, VDO is currently part of Continental. The VDO brand was first sold to Mannesmann in 1991, a company that was acquired by Vodafone only eight years later.

Siemens bought VDO from Vodafone in 2000, only to sell it to Continental in 2007. Despite going through a lot of transitions, VDO has managed to stay on top of its game throughout all these years. The company has built a strong reputation thanks to its innovative and high-quality products.

When Continental bought the company in 2007, it made sure that its products would remain identical due to their trust in the brand.

As a corporation with a 150-year long history, Continental acquires only the top automotive parts companies. VDO offers a wide range of products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles.

Some of the products the brand is known for include fan systems, batteries, engine actuators, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, sensors, screen and headlight washer systems, as well as fuel pressure regulators.

These components now come in a Continental packaging with a MAPP code that guarantees the unique identification of each part.

There is no denying that VDO has been making quality auto parts for a long time. After the acquisition by Continental, the popularity of these products grew further.

The engineering skills from the VDO team combined with the branding and sales expertise of Continental helped them reach a new level of success.


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