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Mass Air Flow Sensor Repair Cost

Mass Air Flow Sensor

How Much Does a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cost?

A damaged mass air flow sensor can be the reason why your car is consuming more fuel than usual. Your car needs a good working sensor to run your vehicle efficiently. Don’t waste your time, try to fix it as quick as possible to save your money.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Labor and Part Costs

The regular price for a new mass air flow sensor is around 100$. There are two options for purchasing them – an aftermarket part or an original manufacturer part. You are mistaken if you think that aftermarket parts are of low quality. They can be as good as original ones, or even better. Before purchase, search for feedback, other people’s experiences, make an informed decision which one is right for you and your pocket.

The labor price always depends on repair cost and diagnostic charge. Find a certified and experienced mechanic to get an estimated cost for your vehicle.


How Much Does Labor Cost For a Mass Air Flow Sensor Repair?

Replacing or repairing your mass air flow sensor should be very easy. You just need to take off a few plastic pieces by unscrewing a few bolts and replace the sensor. If you have no confidence in replacing it by yourself, go to your mechanic and replace it, it shouldn’t be a labor-intensive job. You never know, there can be some difficulties as well when changing the sensor, that’s why it’s hard to say the exact mass air flow sensor cost.

Because of the variety of cars, it also depends on how long it will take to repair your vehicle. First of all, you need to know the location of a MAF sensor. The amount of time will affect the mass air flow sensor repair cost as well. If your mechanic needs to remove many other parts to get to the MAF sensor, it will increase the cost of your mass air flow sensor repair.

In the table below you can see better the approximate cost of MAF sensor repair for different types of cars.


Why do labor times vary so much?

Labor times vary so much because not all vehicles are built exactly the same. And not all mechanics are the same as well, one will take longer to fix it than another, and not every mechanic charges the same, it depends on your mechanic’s rate as well. If you compare an independent mechanic and a dealership, you will always see a huge price difference between them. Doesn’t matter if they do the same work, it’s always much more expensive with the dealerships.

With this example table, before getting a quote from your mechanic, you will already know how much it can cost you to repair the MAF sensor.

As we mentioned already, it’s an easy repair so you can do it by yourself. Just with the help of a screwdriver many of you will be able to replace your mass air flow sensors in under half an hour. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable replacing it on your own, go to your mechanic and ask them how much it can cost, and then, go and search it online, and check the prices, as you know, you can bring your parts to the mechanic as well, that way you can save a lot.

How to Save Money on a Mass Air Flow Sensor?

You can get auto parts directly from your mechanic or in other stores. But the cost will always be higher than usual. Because of that, we recommend shopping online where you will save your money!

To find the correct mass air flow sensor, you will just need to know the year, make, and model of your car. Sometimes it can require more information, such as the engine size. If you are confused about which part number to put, nothing is better than the OEM number. You will always pay cheaper for any part you purchase.

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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99!