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Pierburg is a company that was originally founded in 1909 in Berlin. What started out as a steel trading company ultimately became a widely known name in the automotive industry just two decades later.

In 1928, Pierburg focused on manufacturing carburetors and for a short period of time practically became the only supplier of these components to every German automotive company.

Pierburg later became interested in a company called Carbureibar SA, which was founded in 1957 in Eibar, Spain.

The Pierburg Group AG went on to become the primary shareholder of Carbureibar SA in 1988.

Only three years later, the two companies completely integrated and used the technology Carbureibar SA developed, and the production plants Pierburg had to make a lasting impact on the auto parts market.

Pierburg is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Automotive, the automotive sector of the Rheinmetall AG corporation.

With headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany, Rheinmetall has an undeniable presence in the global automotive industry.
Rheinmetall Automotive currently employs more than 11,000 people and has 40 production plants spread out across four continents.

The main mission of Pierburg today is to develop advanced systems that allow engines to maintain excellent performance while not having any negative impact on the environment.

Some of the products Pierburg is known for manufacturing include pistons, actuators, plain bearings, pumps, range extenders, solenoid valves, and heat pumps.

Pierburg products are distributed by Hella, which is one of the world’s biggest trade organizations for automotive parts. Hella currently employs more than 38,000 people worldwide and has 125 different facilities.


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